About Hotelito Azul


Hotelito Azul is a chic boutique hotel, located in a top-rated area in Tulum, Mexico. Newly renovated on the coast of the Mexican Caribbean, the hotel offers 21 rooms with unparalleled comfort. You can find nearby attractions such as the Mayan Ruins, endless beaches, cenotes and delicious restaurants. Settle in to Hotelito Azul for your next vacation, you won’t regret it.

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I stayed at the Hotelito Azul for 6 nights, I was so happy I extended my flight and reservation two times and stayed 6 more nights. I have travelled to over 50 countries for work and pleasure as a renowned photographer and director working for many magazines (CN Traveller, Elle, GQ) and celebrities (David Beckham, Katy Perry, Micheal Buble, etc.). I have had the great privilege to stay in thousands of hotels around the world.


What is key in a hotel experience is attention to detail and management and staff. Oscar, the owner and manager, is truly amazing, he built the place with his family with care and attention to every detail. Yes its amazing beach cottages on a prime beach front Tulum area, but whats stands out are :

  • The amazing beds, and I mean the mattress that is under the very lovely and comfortable sheet and pillows, a top class expensive mattress you would find in 5* hotel in Paris or New York and as someone who values a good nights sleep this is a real blessing, too many hotels save money on cheap mattresses.
  • The power shower, with what must be the only highly engineered german water purification systems in all the area… you can drink the water, I did daily! and feel relaxed to shower in drinkable water. Friendly.
  • Double glazed huge floor to ceiling windows.
  • Great wifi.
  • Great seafood.
  • Wonderful friendly staff.
  • Perfect beach and hammocks and beach bar.

You feel at home here and you feel the comfort in a rustic setting with big wooden / bamboo cottage with large terrace and yet inside you have the modern needs.

Enjoy this place, it’s a gem.

Dean Freeman