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By Hotelito Azul Team / December 7, 2018


There are many cool sites to see and things to do in Tulum. Magic can be felt in the air as soon as you enter into town.  Of course it is must to lounge around on the famous white sand beaches and eat delicious food, but we want to share a few other favorite things to do and see in the neighborhood:


Sian Kaan (Origin of the Sky) Biosphere…  

Just down the road from Hotelito Azul is the amazing Sian Ka’an. It is home to thousands of species of flora and fauna which is why the region became a designated Biosphere Reserve in 1986. A year later, Sian Ka’an was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO and it remains the largest protected area in the Mexican Caribbean. The green of the forests and the many shades of blue of the lagoons and the Caribbean Sea under a wide sky offer a sublime area of natural beauty.  There are several great tours that will allow you to explore, kayaks, boats, Jeeps, and more.



Tulum Ruins

The only Mayan city built on the coast is set on an elegant cliff of sheer limestone, looking out at the splendour of the turquoise Caribbean.  Avoid the crowds, grab a bike and head to the ruins for a majestic sunset, just 5 kilometres away from Hotelito Azul.

Tulum ruins



No trip to Tulum would be complete without cruising by a few amazing cenotes. The word cenote is derived from the Mayan word, “Dzonot” which means sacred well. A combination of various geological events and climate changes created an incredible and unique ecosystem in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. These caves and underground rivers were created naturally over 6,500 years ago.


Cenotes, are only found in this part of the world, they offer the opportunity to explore something different! Discover the tranquil beauty of these pristine windows to the underwater world.

A few of our favorites:

Dos Ojos: The name Dos Ojos is Spanish for two eyes, and refers to two neighboring cenotes which connect into a very large cavern zone shared between the two. These two cenote appear like two large eyes into the underground.  

Gran Cenote: This is one of the famous cenotes here in Tulum, it is a really beautiful part open cenote with some amazing small caves.

Cenote Calavera: Also known as temple of doom, it is called calavera because of the shape it has. If you like adventures you can jump right into this beautiful cenote.

Gran Cenote Tulum


Be sure to check out the neighborhood, our concierge team is always available to help you plan your day and organize tours!