Discover the taste of Hotelito Azul by its cuisine with gourmet menus, inspired by unique flavors.

Hotelito Azul offers oceanfront dining and a beautiful beach club. Our restaurants are locally sourced ingredients and are quickly becoming one of Mexico’s favorite spots to eat and drink. Offering a robust menu of fresh meats and vegetables, a full grocery aisle, complex smoothies and detox juices, gluten-free options, and of course the finest Mezcals and cocktails on the beach.

Rejoice with Hotelito Azul's different dining concepts to satisfy all kinds of palates:

Olivia (International Organic Food)


Nourishing ourselves in the fulliest way

We start with a focus on the mind: create a space where we can ease the tools to be able to nurture the three pillars that compose us: soul, mind, and body.

We are certain that a great way to contribute to the evolution of the planet is by creating a community that is in total harmony and to achieve this it is important to learn to consciously nurture these three pillars of which we spoke earlier.

The menu created by the renowned chef Oscar Veneroso promotes options that raise people's physical energy level, which is why she takes care of every detail, from the origin of each of the foods we offer, from orchards to organic farms, always looking for support local suppliers, offering more and more vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free options. Integrating into a single menu, ingredients that promote an 80% plant-based meal plan. | +52 998 442 4670